liquid ingredients —— part 2

Hey you guys I am back with continuing my last post which was on liquid ingredients and this time we would talk about the left over ingredients which is eggs,butter,sugar and extracts etc.but first let me tell you that I have had the most brilliant week in ages.

I am sure most of you have heard of the brand Kitchen aid and its beautiful creation called the tilt head/bowl lift stand mixer.So i had been dying like seriously to buy one for ages and was saving in for that until we reached the figure and i went ahead & bought the new love of my life(I am sue my husband understand or so i feel*wink).The pictures will follow shortly to give you the glimpse of the beauty that now sits on my kitchen counter…..

oh! in my excitement i completely forgot the rest of the ingredients so without further ado……………here we go………



Eggs…they help to stick our baked goods together acting as the binding agent in them.They also provide enhanced texture and moisture to our products where you final product is not dense and hard.

Now we can divide our egg…i am sure most of you know that the yellow which is the yolk is the fat and white is the one that provides that fluffiness and sponginess to the cakes. Since the yolk is he fat in the egg it adds texture and great flavor to the recipes.It is usually difficult to substitute the eggs in a recipe however i would not say impossible.

There are a lot of ingredients that one can use to substitute egg in a recipe like mashed bananas,apple sauce,egg replacing powder,flax seeds,chia seeds and the list is endless.So next time you wish to replace the eggs in your recipe try and substitute it with one of these but let me tell you its going to take a lot of hell raising experiments to get the final product to get it as close to the one that uses eggs…Saying that I still love my egg less recipes and it has taken me over the years a lot of experiment and hair pulling to have the texture to die for.

There is a huge variety of eggs to choose from the market today like brown,white ,pasteurized,organic eggs and also the ones that you would find at your local stores.




Butter is a dairy product made from mostly cows milk but can also be obtained from goat,sheep,yaks,buffalo milk as well. IT has about 80% fat content  and is hard at cool temperatures and liquid at room temperature.

Because butter works in concert with other ingredients such as flour,eggs,sugar which gives texture and body to baked goods it is important to get some air fluffed inside the butter that is why most cookies require creaming butter and then sugar together.Butter is usually a success in baked goods due to its fat content and crystalline structure.

It is important to control the salt content in you baked goods so pair this with the added salt in your recipe and you’ll wind up with super salty pound cake. Salt is a preservative and therefore,salted butter stays and has a longer shelf like than unsalted butter,however they both do the same job as per me and for me…..

Sugar and extracts

Liquid sugars can be used for various reasons in a recipe,for example we add boiled sugar and water mixture to whipped egg whites in case of Swiss meringue buttercream o use it as a simple syrup to keep your cakes nice and moist. Liquid sugars like con syrup  is a food syrup made from the starch of corn, and is used in foods to soften texture, add volume, prevent crystallization of sugar, and enhance flavor,a good substitute for it in some countries is golden syrup.Liquid syrups such a molasses.maple syrup etc also help to retain moisture in baked goods,add texture and give you a flavorful baked end product.

Extracts can also be used to flavor your baked goods and make them smell & taste heavenly. My favorite one is my homemade vanilla paste and extract for using in my baked goods,it not only gives my cakes and cookies a lift in their taste but also i know its homemade(which is a good thing right??)

So here i end my final part on liquid ingredients and like I always say please do let me know if there is anything you want me to write or talk about or any information that you have that can help this blog make it better I am always happy to be there.Lots of hugs and kisses to all of you out there and see you real soooon…..




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Poudre De cacao…

Poudre De cacao…one thing that can bring a smile to anyone’s face as it is added to that plain,simple butter & sugar batter and turns it into this thick,dark luscious river of chocolate for when baked that cake is the one that you have been dieting for over a month to eat….isn’t it???( I am…that is the best way I can console myself after a slice)…

Cocoa in a cake is the best hug from inside……

I am sure you all have figured out what we are going to be discussing in this post and yup It is cocoa….but just not cocoa…YES! I am going to be giving you guys all I know about cocoa beans its by products,extracts everything in this one post and i really hope this will help you solve all your problems that you ever had with COCOA or its family (*wink*wink) … we go


So what is cocoa powder?? Is it the brown,dark beautiful powder that you might add to your chocolate cakes or your fudge icing for aunt’s cake. Cocoa powder is unsweetened powder that is basically made by drying,fermenting & grinding cacao beans and extracting out the cocoa butter (which we will talk about in a short while)& the result of this process also gives you a low fat powder with an intense chocolate flavor and that my Friends we call COCOA powder,that you would use in cakes,those luscious creamy fudge cheesecakes or the fudge icing for the next cake you bake.

Alkalized Cocoa Powder

I am sure you have the question what is alkalized cocoa?have i heard that one before,so let me tell “YOU” today is the best day in the history of your baking spree,where you might have seen this term appear a million times and thought where the hell Am I going to get that kind of cocoa then let me tell you,you have heard this kind of cocoa & its called “Dutch-Processed Cocoa”.

Dutch Process Cocoa is called that because it is treated with an alkali to remove the acidity of the cocoa powder and make it less sour.This cocoa has a beautiful rich dark reddish brown color and is more palatable to the mouth since some of the acidity is removed in the process.This is usually the expensive cocoa and cannot be easily found here in Delhi however if you are on an urgent need for it ask major supermarkets such as Nature’s Basket,Le Marche or Modern Bazaar and they might be able to help you with brands like Hintz,Ghirardelli etc.You can also find them these days on major online sites with/without import duty(depending on the site you purchase from).

Natural Cocoa Powder

Clearly as the name suggests this cocoa powder is natural and has not been processed like above. So it has its acidity in its place,the bitter and stronger taste and the color is usually less deeper than it is of a dutch process cocoa powder.

For baking cocoa can matter and interchanging them may alter the taste of your baked product,since the acidity level will react with whatever leavening agent you are using in your product.So,if my recipe calls for baking soda  I will prefer using natural cocoa powder keeping in mind that the acidity level of this coca powder is higher and it will react with baking soda better.But if my recipe calls for baking powder I will like to switch my cocoa from natural to dutch process as the acidity level is lower as it has been discussed above.

But I also know that there are recipes that call for both to help with that i usually work with something in between and there are a lot of brands and companies in the market producing cocoa powder that is neither too acidic nor too less,something just right for your baked goods.However for me i go with the dutch process cocoa and it works like a charm for me(not necessarily might work for you ,but with a few experiments here and there might just hit the spot for you which one works for you the best way possible).

Hot Chocolate


Every time i speak with my family or my friends or some one who is baking a cake I often get asked …”can i use hot chocolate instead of cocoa?” and the answer by default is HELL NO !

Hot Chocolate is a powder which is made with milk solids(milk powder),sugar,cocoa(in the right amount)sometimes cinnamon be added to milk and had with nice fluffy marshmallows.It is not pure cocoa and is not extracted the way i explained and so it cannot be replaced for cocoa in your recipe.

Can i replace cocoa powder if my recipe calls for chocolate?????????????????????


like i said Yes you can replace cocoa powder if your recipe calls for chocolate and it is as easy peasy as it gets….all I do is

for every approx 30 gms chocolate/6 Tsps i take 3 leveled table spoons of cocoa powder and add approx 1 table spoon of butter and voila its sorted.

However if  you have to know the quantity for replacing cocoa with chocolate it is a much difficult task as fats,solids etc needs to be taken into consideration.(Also have not had the chance to try that so would not want to guide you in the wrong way).

Prefer using exactly what your recipe calls for.These are just substitutes/tips/tricks to help you save the day ,they might or might not work in your favour as baking is a science & one ingredient depends on the others like a chain formation.

Cocoa Butter

In the beginning of this post i mentioned something called cocoa butter and said we will talk about it in short while so now is that time when we do…

Cocoa Butter is the fat that is extracted from the cocoa beans and is used for various things like most importantly making chocolates or toiletries etc.It is usually pale yellow vegetable fat and has the aroma & flavour of cocoa.It can also be used raw for the use of painting on cakes,making chocolate thinner for colored chocolate etc.So next time when you want to or see a beautifully hand painted cake there might have been cocoa butter used(vodka or lemon extracts might also be used for the same) .


We spoke about cocoa beans in the beginning of this post and the word “BEANS” in Cocoa Beans is responsible for giving us my friends….”CHOCOLATE”….the word that has saved millions of people on Valentine’s day….

Chocolate as we know is typically sweet(can be bitter…& again I will come back to it in a minute)usually brown and prepared where the seeds are ground,roasted and infused with vanilla flavor.It can be liquid,paste or even a block(most common form).

The seeds of the cocoa tree are quite bitter and to get the flavor that we devour the moment we open a pack of Cadbury’s or Ghirardelli these seeds need to be fermented. The fermentation process help to develop the flavor in these seeds,after which they are dried,cleaned & roasted.The shells of these seeds are then removed which lead to cocoa nibs which are ground to form unadulterated chocolate mass.

the chocolate mass is liquefied which results in chocolate liquor,which is further processed to produce cocoa powder&cocoa butter.

REAL CHOCOLATE———————————-

Baking chocolate  is the mix of cocoa solids and cocoa butter in various proportions but there is no added sugar to it and that is why it is called bitter chocolate as well.Most common brand that is known to me to sell a 100% cocoa /bitter chocolate is Lindt.

The chocolate most of us enjoy today is a sweet chocolate and as the name suggests it has cocoa solids,cocoa butter,fat& added sugar showering that extra love on you and your waist line.

Milk Chocolate….this chocolate has all the above mentioned ingredients with addition to condensed milk or milk powder.It is lighter in color than the usual dark/bitter chocolate and has a pleasant taste to it. Best example I can think of at this point to clear your doubt is Cadbury’s Dairy milk.

White Chocolate….this chocolate has milk,cocoa butter,sugar but no cocoa solids,hence the white color and a milky taste.One example that i can remember for this chocolate is the Milky Bar that we use to have when we were kids.

Real Chocolate as mentioned above is further sub divided in three categories

regular chocolate is usually in the form of chips and has been processed from moderate quality cocoa beans and have low cocoa butter levels with added sugar.It is generally used for baking and can hold its shape however cannot and should not be used for dipping or molding.

couverture…the word couverture means covering and is usually called the finest quality chocolate.It is produced from the finest cocoa beans and have a high level of cocoa butter.It melts smoothly and when tempered will give a glossy finish to your chocolate.

ultra couverture chocolate is equal to the couverture chocolate however it has an even higher cocoa butter content and low viscosity.When tempered and cooled this chocolate will  give a smooth,glossy shell.


Compound chocolate contains vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter and hence its quality & taste has been compromised for the ease of buying and using it as does not need to tempered.The price of this chocolate is much lower than Real chocolate and can be found in many super markets with the brand Morde in Delhi.

having explained so much about chocolate I have come to realize that……

“I am not overweight

I am CHOCOLATE enriched”…….

I really hope I have been helpful and would love to know what do you think about this post and my blog….Please do tell me any topic you would like to me discuss,write or explain I would be more than happy to Help…Now with lots of hugs and kisses….Bye from me to you.



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Any one who has ever seen The Archie’s series will know exactly what I am talking about,however it is not the sugar song that I am talking is about The Sugar,that we all add to our pies,cupcakes,tarts or even CAKES…huh! who knew that.

Now coming to the point…let me start this post like I usually love to start all my posts with… A QUOTE,however just like The Sugar this is not just any quote but The Quote….

Dessert is not a Dessert without a Cake and Cake is not a cake without Sugar.

Well these are the thoughts of…Ahem, your’s Truly and by that I mean the friend who is helping Miss Nutty Bunch(that’s what I call her since she owns a business with that name) with her writing here and there. So yes this ,the last post & all the posts on basics will be by me (Anubhuti…nice to meet you guys too… (*wink*wink) and yes! you will see me around often here writing,helping and hopping (kidding…did you not know bunnies do that).

So, without further ado I am going to start explaining to you guys all that you need to know about The Sugar in our lives….the generalized name for sweet, short-chain, soluble tiny little crystals that make you gain weight and you hate it when you are on your diet and are craving Sugar…yes! that Sugar/carbohydrates is what we are gonna start to talk about…. Lets get started!!

1.Regular/household sugar

Most commonly used in households,the grain is usually bigger than castor or brown sugar and is used in a lot of Indian desserts and tea however I do not recommend using it in baking because of the texture & size of the sugar crystals,they tend to settle at the bottom(undissolved)and make the cake heavier,also might give the cake a more grainy texture.

2.Caster sugar/super fine sugar

Now this is the sugar that you would want/love to use for your cakes,pies,desserts etc.This sugar is finer (not powdered…just finer)the texture is better and saying that this sugar easily dissolves when baked…There would be times when you do not have caster sugar on your hands and are in dire need of here is the simple solution for you to turn your regular granulated home supply sugar to caster sugar,now you could go ahead and buy caster sugar from your local supply stores,the brands available are Trust,Mawana etc.however,if you do fall short during that midnight need of the hour kind of moment where a cake must be baked no matter what….all you need to do is…

Take 1 cup of regular granulated sugar and grind it with 2-3 pulses until it is finer in texture just not powdered & you will have your self caster sugar that will easily replace your regular granulated sugar.

3.Brown sugar

As the name suggests this sugar is brown but why?? the reason behind it is molasses just like caster sugar you can make brown sugar at home but why to go through that tedious process when it is easily available in the market and can be easily be replaced by caster sugar. But in case you want to and need to all you need to do is

add molasses to your castor sugar and depending on whether you need dark or light you could vary the quantity as per you likes or as the recipe calls for.

what is Molasses??

Also known as black treacle,molasses  basically is a  by-product of refining sugar cane into sugar. Molasses varies by amount of sugar, method of extraction, and age of plant.It is most commonly made from pomegranate,dates etc.There might be a lot of brands available in the market however the most commonly available in Delhi supermarkets is Blackstrap. Well you can keep a bottle handy not only to turn your caster sugar to brown but it is extensively used during Christmas for ginger cookies to give that strong yet spicy flavor to those cookies or even cakes.

4.Powdered sugar/Icing sugar

As the name suggests this sugar is powdered and some packs might have corn starch as an added product to make the powder smoother or refined .This sugar is hardly used in cakes but can easily be a substitute for caster sugar if the recipe calls for it however what it is usually used for is making frosting,icing,dusting over baked goods,glazes etc.


This sugar is also brown in color and Jaggery( Gur ) is the main ingredient from which it is obtained.It is healthy and said to have better nutritional value than other refined sugars. One can easily replace shakkar with their daily dose of sugar however it is the taste that one might take time to adjust to.

6. Demerara

Now why would a sugar be called that? is it a company’s name?the clear answer to the latter part is no,the only reason why this sugar is called demerara is because of its origin.It comes from the region demerara,it is amber in color and has molasses added to it as well with a pleasant toffee flavor.The sugar crystals are long grained and  crunchier like raw sugar with origins from Guyana.Some recipes specifically call for this and demerara can be easily found under brands like Mawana.

7. Muscovado

That is one fancy name to call your sugar with…however there is no specific reason behind it,any manufacturer can basically give any name to a molasses rich sugar it need not be specifically called muscovado. As i just mentioned this sugar has a strong molasses flavor to it and will give a nice moist texture to your bakes especially chocolate based.It can be found in different strengths such as light,dark etc but the lighter it gets the molasses level gets lower and it can no longer be called muscovado/molasses rich sugar.Muscovado is expensive to other refine sugars available in the market as it is produced in countries like Mauritius and the Philippines.The most common name heard around locals in India is Khaand for this sugar,but it is still unsure whether the produce is the same as the muscovado sugar.

8. Jaggery

Most commonly known as Gur in India & is mainly obtained from coconut,palm or java plants. It is easily available in super markets,local groceries or even the shop opposite your house. Gur can be used for various Indian desserts,savoury dishes or sauces.

9. Vanilla Sugar

As the name suggest this sugar is vanilla infused usually with vanilla bean split into half and stuffed in a jar filled with caster or brown sugar.The jar is then kept for some time unused so that the vanilla is well infused before the use of the sugar.

This post on sugar comes to an end Bye from me to you with lots of hugs and kisses.I will see you guys real soon with my next post on something very simple,something very basic…until then…….

“Sugar,Sugar… give me a rush”……!!!



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