What would you like to know about me first? oh! so sorry….please take a seat,grab a cup of Tea(did I tell you how much I Love tea,helps me going all day) and then let me introduce MYSELF….!!!

Howdy,I am Pooja,I live with everyone(my husband,his parents,his brother,the brother’s wife and their son)so in all we are huge huge Happy Family.Now going further, I am self taught like most bakers today and run this small space my sweet haven called The Nutty Bunch.I bake and make almost anything that pleases my mood,my family’s mood and my fantasy.I hate taking pictures of my sweet creations or lets say most of the time i am lazy!!!

My favorite dessert is …..emm…emmm….sprinkles(if that’s a dessert) OK seriously i love sprinkles like all of them,any shape/size or color. I almost everyday crave a good chocolate cake(well!who doesn’t),butterscotch fudges and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips ,its like an all time classic for me just like the Beetles.I love Dogs and have a cocker spaniel at my parents house whom i Love to the Moon & back.My Hobbies when I am not baking for my customers/clientele is to watch Nigella(with my full concentration and devotion)/Julie&Julia ( love the movie and Julia Child)and sometimes take a walk alone(keeps me sane).

Back when i left my job and came back to India and I just did not know where to start from but what i knew the best.I started baking for friends and family and then when my cousin suggested to take it a step further,I gladly jumped at the opportunity & took a small space close to our house and turned it into my workshop(where the magic happens) and rest is history!!!

Soon, The Nutty Bunch will be completing 2 years and I can thank my customers enough who have been more than generous to keep coming back,to help me keep myself busy & making something new every time for their & My love for baking.

I want to share my creations & my work with anyone who visits my blog,help them create their own master piece with a little help and of course some sugar,spice & everything nice.Most importantly I want all my readers to enjoy  the experience every time they come to learn something new and different from “US”

Learn how to cook— try new recipes,learn from your mistakes.BE FEARLESS & above all Have Fun

—-Julia Child


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