glace à la vanille

IT is 45 degrees here in Delhi and humidity seems to increase every day with splashes of rain here and there with no relief whatsoever,so I need my dose of ice cream every now and then which is surely to come from my super market or my local street vendor…..though the thought of making ice cream at home has come to me a million…zillion times but I always let it pass,as the thought of buying an ice cream machine was simply a waste of my money,until I was told by my sister in law to make some for her and so the quest began for the perfect ice cream recipe but..but…but……without a machine.

After another million …zillion likes and dislikes I liked this recipe in particular but frankly i do not remember from where it is exactly because i made it 2 years ago and it worked like a dose of ecstasy on everyone. Also when i tried making alterations to the recipe and trying out any flavor that comes to mind it was super duper forgiving & that day i knew I had found my match made in heaven…..the oh! so sweet heaven.

I am sure most of you would agree that the base of an ice cream is either vanilla or chocolate and so without any diverted attention we shall talk about vanilla today…yes & only “VANILLA”(vanilla does not like diverted attention hence the focused attention…) so having said all the above I am going to give you the perfect (in my eyes and for my taste buds) the perfect vanilla ice cream recipe and I really hope it works for you as it has for me……it is gluten free,egg free which is a yay for me !!!!


No Churn/no ice cream maker/ no egg ICE CREAM


500 ml good quality whipping cream

1 can condensed milk (400 grams…hence no sugar needed)

4 tbsp warm milk

3 vanilla pods


  1. Take an aluminium bread tin and line it with double cling wrap/film,where it over hangs from the sides.This will help you to take out your ice cream in case you do not wish to scoop it and would like to serve it as slices.
  2. Now,take your 3 pods of vanilla & split the pods….scraping the seeds with the help of a knife.
  3. Add this black gold to the 4 tbsp of milk along with 1 vanilla pod and set aside.Now DO NOT….DO NOT throw away the other 2 pods,simply just take a small vodka bottle and add them to it and in about 8months or more if you would like (keep it longer for a beautifully home crafted Christmas present) & you will have yourself some nice vanilla extract packed with flavor for gifting or personal use.You can check my post on vanilla extract here:Vanilla Sky!!!

4. In a large mixing bowl, I prefer my stand mixer bowl but you could easily do this using a hand mixer,whip some whipping cream and condensed milk alternating until all of it has been used and fully incorporated….however i do not suggest whipping all this by hand as it would need some “Puppy Power”& might not yeild the same results.

5. Once your cream and condensed milk are fully combined and reaches soft peaks,add in the vanilla flavored milk(without the pod) and let it whip until nice stiff peaks are formed.

6.After it reaches stiff peak stage scrape and scoop the batter in the lined tin and smooth out the top as much as possible.

7.Freeze overnight and serve it with fresh fruits or with piping hot walnut brownie.

My next post shall be on my excellent full of flavor and fudged up brownies..and I Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you guys…………..Please do try this recipe(you might just fall in LOVE) and let me know your questions or queries while I will try & help you guys as much as I can………

Lots of love,Good Bye, Au Revoir, Farvel, Vale…….until next time.


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