“The only mistake you can make is not asking for help”—– sandeep jauhar

Well as the title and the quote suggests,this post is all gonna be about the “HELP”…….everyone thinks they are superman….well i happen to be one of those people just that I am not only superwoman but the all the other avengers that you can think of…but sometimes superheroes do need HELP and it was one of those days.

I had so much on my mind(blah,blah,blah) that when i hardly got time to write about what i loved the most …I started to feel disappointed and miserable,for i wasn’t doing justice to what i loved the most(btw i mean baking and cooking).So sitting with my lovely cup of tea(trying to relieve my stress)and talking to my best friend i suggested jokingly that how about she could help me do the writing(she is a new mom and basically has no time on her hands,yet you can’t blame the girl for trying) while I could hop on and off,write while attending to my workshops and other things,we giggled about it…spoke about a million other things and went back to our routines.


i hope we stay friends until we die……and scare the shit out of people walking out of walls……

Midnight i get a message saying she would love to be on board but has a 5 month old and will try the best she can and i should be patient with her try and see if she was helpful…helpful? the woman had no clue what she had done or was being modest either way i was glad she hopped on board.Basically we were helping each other and after being friends for good/bad/ugly 27 years,we were trying to show off our modesties(is that even i word??) to each other isn’t that funny (for us it was…believe me).

The very next day we sat and discussed how to go about things,what posts we can start with how comfortable she was,the time she needed etc.etc….and rest is history…you will soon see her talking about all the stuff that we discussed in our next post and really hope it helps you guys overcome & trouble shoot some of your baking problems.


Bye Bye from me to you with lots of love,hugs and kisses until we meet next time with at last my first official post on baking.





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