Well…well…don’t we all make plans and once in while those plans go flop and the bubble bursts like”In Your Face”. This plan of mine to give you a post on 1st of January was one of those plans…..but nevertheless I did not loose hope midst of orders from old clients,regular clients some new clients & a super duper busy weekend I at last have the time to complete this post and write what I have been so excited to tell all of you.

Let’s get rolling……..

Tomorrow is the first blank page of the 365 day page book.write a good one……..

Brad Paisley

Before I begin Wishing every one a very Happy New Year,may this year 2017 be baked to perfection for all my cookies out there.

Its the big countdown when the calendar’s year count increments by one & of course which involves a giant party with a “drink till you’re silly” followed by a day in which you make huge promises about your next year’s goals and resolutions.Every year i would find a new resolution and it goes to trash the moment the calendar hits 5th January(well,I guess one week grace is more than generous 😉 but this year is  going to be an awesome one and I am going to be trying harder than ever  starting with this blog,

After so much of blah..blah…blah (every time i say this i remember the movie Hotel Transylvania…*giggles) i am sure you would like to know what that resolution is? This year i promised myself to start a blog & make The Nutty Bunch reach new pinnacle,which will always be on my mind.

So here i am in my cozy little room with a beautifully lit window where i do all the brain storming to make something new and special.But everyone knows, a picture speaks a thousand words and that is exactly how i want my pictures to be(I can always try) so without further ado i convinced my hubby dearest that we desperately,sincerely & genuinely(*wink*wink) need a camera,and after all the coaxing and pleading (of course not literally)  when he was convinced all that was left now was to convince him for a DSLR.


canon 1300D

I was made to promise that it wont be too expensive and wont put a dent on our Bangkok trip budget which we happen to take later this year.So, now at last my precious,my very own Canon 1300D.(we bought it from this site named Paytm here in India,and guess what got a cash back as well…..yay!!……)

We all have a name &  so did my camera,We love to call him Mr.Bean.I just could not resist myself,from the moment i saw it all i could remember is the movie Mr.Bean’s Holiday,so the name.

Hope you enjoy the pictures that are to follow as much as I would enjoy capturing them for you.



Wish you all a baked to perfection day!!!



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