The Début

Before I start with an introduction and how it all started,I wanted to give you a little introduction on what this Blog is going to be about.

Its about you,me and the love for baking and making new things. I love to bake and  keep adding pictures of my work on Facebook and Instagram(even though i hate taking pictures) .I followed different blogs and you tube channels all the time until i realized I could start one of my own and share my secrets,tips,tricks and designs with all  you wonderful people out there.I love to write and when the thought of starting a blog came to my mind it was like a bulb lit right above my head!!!

……..And here I am,with a warm cup of Tea promising you that I will try my best to give you all that I know about baking and help you make wonderful things that you can share with your friends & family for all those special occasions to make them last a lifetime!!


“Nothing says “HOME”like the smell of Baking”!!!


Welcome to my blog,this introduction is about the small place i own and we call it The Nutty Bunch its a small but crazy,nutty family that you will meet along the way of our long and beautifully baked journey…..

Its Been almost 2 years when i started this small venture,my oh!so sweet haven to keep my spark for baking and somehow it still seems like yesterday…..with chocolate in one hand & Nigella Lawson’s cookbook in another(would have loved to hold some ice cream & sprinkles as well….just saying) I happened to bake the perfect cupcake of my eyes The Nutty Bunch!!


i could do this because i had someone who could believe i could do this……

I am still having flashbacks to some of the best moments of working on the Opening Day..One Saturday it was a thought and the next weekend we started looking for that perfect place.Within 1 week of thinking and another one for looking, we finalized the place where it all started. Everyone i know (especially the ones in the picture above) got on their toes.What was happening was quick and magical but real at last!

I kept wondering “all the ideas we had ,how will it all fit together,will it be OK? will I be able to pull something of this sort all by myself especially keeping in mind that I had no idea of doing business & having worked all my life in a job.To my surprise  it all worked and fitted so beautifully,all thanks to…my friend,sister,sil (all of them are one person btw) Alia..she worked harder than any of us to bring my dream to reality,stood by me,and did what she could to make sure that she found the right glove for the right hand….all that because she is one of the most awesome people i have met .

There are always some teething problems when one starts,and so did we however crawling,walking,jumping and hopping we reached the start of a beautiful aeon from where there was no looking back..!!!


array of cupcakes

Even though its almost 2 years,I distinctively remember every detail to our small gathering.The place almost flooded with family & friends,who came to show their love for me and my hard work.My sister in law (did I tell you she is a sweet heart & bossy) kept every minute detail in mind and made sure everything looked perfect and in its right place. Every detail had to be approved by her( the visiting cards,invites,boxes,packaging etc.literally everything that i would or might use,by the way the cards and all that stuff was being designed by her husband & my brother) we were all on our toes till the “THE” Day had at last arrived!!!


It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped—– Tony Robbins


my partner in crime

Saying that, I end this post wishing all of you A Very Happy,Healthy & Baked to perfection “2017”.



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